Make Sure Necessary Information is Provided

After your car accident, receiving medical attention and filing claims are the most important tasks. You will need to file your No-Fault application to receive potential benefits. You will obtain a No-Fault claim number after filing the No-Fault Application claim. This number, the insurance company’s name, the adjuster assigned, and necessary contact information should be given to your doctor and other health care providers for treatment purposes. If you were given a No-Fault facility form to mail to the hospital, provide the necessary information (including patient number) and mail it in as soon as possible. You likely will receive a statement in the next few weeks, including possible fees for ambulance, labs, x-rays, and other treatments due to an auto-accident. Also shared with these facilities should be the relevant No-Fault information.

Be Aware of Independent Medical Examiners

No-Fault insurance will not last indefinitely. In fact, insurance companies prefer you to get off of their coverage right away, so they can be more profitable. Therefore, they will usually make you get an independent medical examination (IME). The doctor or medical specialist that conducts the IME is usually working for the insurance company.

Remember to provide limited responses. This doctor (employed by the insurance company) determines your disability status and/or if you can return to work. You must go to this examination, or else your benefits are at risk for termination.

Examination Under Oath Preparation

Another potential requirement, is having to appear for an Examination Under Oath (EUO). The insurance company will question you about the accident and its after-effects. If you do not show for an EUO, the insurance company can result in termination of benefits.

Find a lawyer or doctor today!

If a claimant wants to receive No-Fault benefits, they must be completed punctually. Failure to complete mileage sheets will lead to not receiving compensation for your travel expenses. Additionally, missing Independent Medical Examinations can result in your No-Fault benefits being denied. This is why it is vital to hire an experienced personal injury to represent you for your personal injury accident. By filling out the Find a Lawyer form, we will match you with such a lawyer to fight for you. Also, it is important you see a proficient doctor to assess your injuries.

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